Welcome back to our salon blog!

We’ve been busy bees since the New Year, which is why it’s taken a bit to catch up with the blog. We’ve also had some staff changes…I know, sad face, but there’s also smiles on our horizon. Bad news first folks; our dear receptionist, Jamie, has decided to pursue other ventures. We will miss her, and we wish her the best. We know you all will miss her too, as she was a constant ray of sunshine.jamie
In brighter news, Karen Hegel has joined our staff of stylists! Karen originally hails from Gladwin, MI and owned her own salon up  there in the north. Let’s just say she missed us down here in the lower mitten, (because as you all know, we do indeed rock!)  She would have me write how awesome she is, but we already know that, which is why we hired her in the first place! Now what you all need to do is come in and experience her awesomeness for yourselves. She is available for appointments Tuesday-Saturday, so just give us a call (734-662-8578) to book your appointment with her. Karen
(Don’t forget to check out our Facebook albums regularly to see her growing portfolio!)
Signing off as your new blog writer extraordinaire!!
Peace and hair grease,

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