Avissa Salon and Spa
Gifting ideas for Christmas? One Styling Tools (https://www.onestyling.com/products) are great for getting salon style hair at home. If you want perfectly bouncy curls get the Verge Bubble Wand, it even comes in pink!! There are also the Legacy hair dryers which are used in salon! The stylists love Legacy because it is relatively light weight and keeps the hair from frizzing when it dries. Lastly, I would like to introduce the Venture flat iron in which I use myself. It is perfect for obtaining strictly straight hair. I also use it for wide curls! The Venture flat iron heats up quickly so I am able to style my hair in record time. Come into Ann Arbor Avissa Salon for your One Styling Tool today! Your hair will thank you. Visit http://www.avissasalon.com/  for more info!

Peace and Hair Grease, Jamie

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