Hello Everyone!!

Today is Small Business Saturday! There are appointments still available! One of our promotions is $50 for a shellac manicure and express pedicure, which is a $75 value! We have some awesome new colors in,and it would be a great time to try festive nail art for the 25 days of Christmas start tomorrow! Another promotion is half off make-up applications ($60 value). This is a way to save an hour before going out tonight! Lastly we are offering a complimentary conditioning treatment with a haircut service! ($20 value) This time of year is very easy for hair to lose its moisture and volume. A conditioning treatment will help to bring the life right back into your hair. Start the end of the year fresh and thrifty! Come in today for any of our Small Business Saturday deals! I’ll be waiting by the phone…


Peace and Hair Grease,

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