A lot of us think about completely changing our looks, but don’t ever have the initiative. Here are some notes to help you change your look with confidence. First, research. You want to come into the salon with an idea in mind so you won’t be completely shocked when you are done. Pictures found online are the best way to express what you want. It is hard for stylists to visualize what people expect when they say they want their hair 12 inches long and red. You may also want a consultation because your hair may not be ready to go bleach blonde with pink streaks, you may need to do some damage control beforehand. A consultation allows the client to understand exactly what their wants entail and what stylist they would most likely fit with. At Avissa, our consultations are free. Secondly, when expressing to the stylist what you want, use your hands to approximate length. This way the stylist will know exactly how long you expect your hair to be. Be honest with your stylist, make sure you are getting what you want or else you may feel insecure about your drastic change. Third, also think of what kind of make-up you would like. Smoky, natural, or colorful! This is your make-over so when changing your look make sure you research ahead of time, don’t ever say “surprise me” because you may not walk out as confident as you would if you had thought about your decision. This is the holiday season and it is the perfect time to treat yourself to something special before the new year. Enter it confidently with a fresh, new make-over.  



Peace and Hair Grease,


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